We The  people

The power under the Constitution will always be in the people.

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Back US

U.S. Constitution/AZ Constitution.

Pro-Life and Second Amendment.

The Electoral College to elect the President.

English as the official language of AZ.

No State funding to any entity that provides any type of sanctuary status to illegals.

No State benefits for  illegals (illegals cost the State 2.3 billion dollars per year- your tax dollar!).

Use the State Defense Force to  secure our border until the wall gets built.

Expand Empowerment Scholarships Accounts for all legal AZ residents.

Change the law that when a State legislator resigns the voters get to elect.

Two proxies max for political organizations.

School reforms to save our tax dollar.

Secure future water resources.

Grow our economy.

The Constitution. Every issue, every time.

No exceptions, no excuses.

To The Future


"If we forget we are nation under God, then we are a nation gone under."

-Ronald Reagan

John 3:16